Return Policy

This policy is a continuation of the Terms & Conditions published at For definitions please refer the Terms & Conditions as mentioned above.

1. Return timelines for 4-Day and 8-Day Rental

The rented products, along with original packaging and box, must be returned to the site owner on the last day of the rental period. The site owner will arrange for pickup of the rented products at the address provided by the customer. The customer must return the rented products on the pickup date. Failure to return the product on the pickup date shall attract a late fee of Rs. 250 per day along with shipping charges of Rs. 100.

2 Return timelines for cancellation of subscription plans
  • 2.1 Product Use Date: The date of receipt of products for the 1st month of a subscription plan is considered as Receipt date. Product Use Date is upto 1 month from the receipt date if the subscription is cancelled. E.g. If a customer purchases a subscription plan on 10 Aug 2020 and receives the products on 15 Aug then they can use the products until 14 September (if subscription is cancelled prior to 23:59:59 of 9 Sep 2020.
  • 2.2 Failure to return the product on the pickup date shall attract a late fee of Rs. 250 or rental amount on pro rata basis per day along with shipping charges of Rs. 100. E.g. If rental amount is Rs. 1200 for 4 day rental then 2 Return timelines for product swaps in an ongoing subscription plan​
  • 2.3 Product swaps is defined as a new set of products that a customer selects in lieu of existing products within the terms of the type of subscription plan opted by the customer. Product swap facility is provided to the customer post 30 days of the delivery of the existing products.
  • 2.4 If customer opts for a product swap, she will be provided with an option to select a pickup date. The new products shall be delivered on the same date as pickup date and site owner shall try to facilitate the pickup of existing products and delivery of chosen products at the same time. However, such facility will be provided with the help of a 3rd party over which the site owner will have no control. The site owner will not be liable for delivery of the product on the stated date and it may get delayed for reasons beyond the site owner’s control.
  • 2.5 Failure to return the product on the pickup date for product swaps in an ongoing subscription shall attract shipping charges of Rs. 100.
3 Additional Penalty Clauses for damages to product or missing products or packaging
  • 3.1 If any original packaging is missing in the products being received by the site owner post returns, the site owner may charge a penalty up to Rs. 250 for the same
  • 3.3 If one or all the products are not returned within 15 days of the rental period or subscription period end date, the site owner will consider it as theft and may report the same to appropriate authorities. The site owner may charge penalties (as decided by the site owner).
  • 3.4 In any of the cases mentioned in section 1,2,3 or combination of the sections 1,2,3 of the Returns Policy, if the damages or penalties exceed the security deposit then the site owner will deduct excess amount (sum of damages or penalties – security deposit) from the original mode of payment without prior information to the customer