A quick guide to choosing your wedding jewellery!

Once you have said yes and the big diamond is reflecting off your finger all the time, you are set for another ride which will open doors to various experiences. It becomes overwhelming and hectic at some point with all the venue, decorations, dress and everything. Still, the venue and all are handled very well by the wedding managers. The only thing that is left solely for you is perhaps the dress and the jewellery. When you spend all your time and as well your money on your dress no wonder you are out of all your creativity when it comes to the very auspicious, your bridal jewellery. Jewellery either makes or breaks your entire look, no matter what the occasion is. And then it is the most important day of your life you want to make a statement so that everyone whenever they speak of you they do not forget the mesmerising beauty you were on D-Day!

To make sure that everything goes exactly as you want and there are no slips and falls we have brought to you some points that keep everything under check while choosing your wedding jewellery.

1. Don’t be all about” what’s in fashion”.

Your wedding day is supposed to be all about you.  As much as you want to be sure about the aesthetic, picture-perfect looks. Make sure out of everything you choose the ones that ‘resonate’ with you. The one that gives the finishing last touch. You do not want to end up with any piece of regret while going through your wedding albums that you could have made more like your taste and persona. Hence, go with your intuition when you are ready to pick your jewellery set for your wedding. Choose what makes you feel more ‘YOU’. 

2. choosing simplicity.

In the world of minimalism and when less is more. Choosing something subtle and elegant can never go wrong. You walk down the aisle with the aura of a graceful princess who has everybody’s attention. It doesn’t mean you go all plain, no, that doesn’t do justice to you as a bride. It simply means you do not go way- overboard with everything. Like, if you are wanna go for heavy chandelier earrings/jhumkas you would want to go very light on the neckpiece part and at the same time balance out the look with diamond studded/ designer bangles. At the same time, if you choose to go heavy on the neckpiece with a maharani-haar and several other neckpieces, it’s best to choose minimal studs or not too-heavy drop earrings and at the same time go simple for bangles.  Today’s modern bridal jewellery sets come in all varieties but most of them do make sure about going for this very level of sophistication so that your bridal shopping is hassle-free and doesn’t end up in an undesired mess.

modern Bride

3. Pick your base metal- if I call it important it would be an understatement. Rather, highlight it and put in all the stars and bullet points you want. This plays a major role in your whole look!  You need to match the wedding fabric with your wedding jewellery to make sure that the whole look blooms out. Understanding what kind of metal goes well with your shade of fabric gives you a fair advantage for being the centre of attention. If you are going for white and ivory shades in your wedding dress chose your metal in silver or platinum. Similarly, red goes perfectly with gold or diamond jewels, and pastels coordinate so well with rose gold.

Green Choker

4. Keeping the neckline of your dress into consideration- this plays another deciding factor in your entire bridal look. Coordination of your neckline with your bridal necklace set as well as your blouse’s work gives you the final make or break the look. No way, can you ignore this part? If you are going for a detailed blouse wor you do not want to be hidden away by heavy neckpieces, a simple neckpiece is your best go-to option and vice versa. But to pull off the entire look make sure you cross-check the neckpiece type with your neckline. A boat neck goes exemplary with Kundan jewellery, while V-neck goes ideal for a bridal choker set

kundan set

5. strict no-no for too many colours- “simplicity is the best policy” yes, we know but we also want a bit of funk and a pinch of colour to it. There is nothing wrong with that but you want to make sure not to add too many colours as it can mess up your entire look. You can easily go for a single or bicolour. For example, choosing the metal base that matches your fabric and then adding another pop of colour for that glinting contrast is all you need for your entire bridal jewellery set. Gemstones become your best pal for this option. Here are a few ideas for gemstones for you to think of with amazing contrast!

Red fabric- emerald 

Blue fabric- pearls 

White fabric- sapphire

6. try it out first: to avoid any last-minute havoc or change of mind make sure you put on the complete look before the D-DAY and check everything. This will make sure that not only the whole look is complementing each other and being all about the drools and awe but if you need to alter something, like your neckpiece being loose or maang tikka being a little longer than required you can do that without any fuss! 

7. Be comfortable: on your wedding day, to walk down the aisle, confidence plays a major role. And you can’t be confident if you are not comfortable. So make sure you choose your bridal trousseau as your comfort. You might be getting married for once with no prior experience, but you do know about dressing up for all the various occasions. If you are not someone who ever went for chandelier or heavy earrings do not try them out the first time on your wedding day. You have to be present for long hours and wearing something uncomfortable will not be such a wise choice. Similarly, if you never could help but add a tinge of pearl element to your outfits, make sure you do that in your bridal trousseau as well.  It pulls out your vibe and then, what else could you ask for?

After reading till here, you do have a bit of an idea about what you are going for. What’s gonna look best on you and what you are being far away from? Then why there is a bit of uneasiness still in the air?” It’s a wedding, it’s a huge thing on the pockets as well. “.

Well what if you could wear what you exactly dream of without burning a hole in your pocket as well as not putting up with handling and care of the wedding jewellery, it would be great, wouldn’t it?

We all can relate to the aftermath of wedding jewellery. I have heard my mother and aunts talking about how low on investment all their wedding jewellery has become with extra cost for keeping it in the bank locker and caring for them so that they don’t lose their shine.

Then why not simply go for the option to rent jewellery online? It’s pocket-friendly and environmentally friendly.  But when you are looking for bridal jewellery online, you want to make sure of its quality and authenticity.

Well, Rent n Flaunt is one of the most trusted brands to rent the best designer jewellery online. Rent n F Each jewellery pieces are of high maintenance and the best quality, no one will be able to suspect that it is ‘something borrowed. They have everything ranging from chokers, maharani haar, mang tika, matha Patti, hathphool etc. you name it, you will find it.  Your one-stop destination to fulfil all your wedding dreams without any hassle!

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