Mother daughter duo- Festival look

For mother’s day we wanted to celebrate the bond that a mother and daughter shares, but we fell short of words or expressions. There’s so much that have been said about it, yet it’s never enough. That’s when we met Sakshi. A beautiful charismatic woman who wanted to rent accessories for herself as well as her mom. She had planned a cute dinner date where she wanted to play dress-up with her one true best friend, her mother! It was indeed a very special moment for us to be privy to that special bonding occassion of gossips, laughter and selfies! The mother-daughter duo decided to wear saari for the special date and wanted to rent Sangeeta Bhuchra’s silver accessories to complement their outfits! Although it was Sakshi’s idea, but we found another fan in her mom! She loved the pieces and also compared the experience to how they used to borrow jewelry from their friends and family. The simplicity and happiness can be seen in both their eyes, while we try not to cry here! Tough, indeed