Influencer bride – Mehendi, shaadi

When Shishta, a lucknow based popular fashion influencer,  set a date for her wedding she was very clear she wants to do it as sustainably as she can.

Her search to incorporate sustainability in her wedding festivities led her to Rent N Flaunt. With her outfit and the overall vision that she had for her final wedding look, we got a call and decided on the best possible designer accessories to accentuate her wedding glam!

Right from her mehendi, to haldi to her penultimate wedding ensemble, we discussed, assisted and finally delivered the best of designer accesories to our gorgeous bride! Just like every lovestory has to go through some tiny hiccups our styling lovestory also had its fair share.

Although the delivery of the accessories was in Lucknow, the pickup had to be initiated from Kashmir. It was getting a little difficult to get the pickup arranged. Shishta took matters into her own hands and helped us in this tricky situation. She herself arranged for a dispatch, and we couldn’t have been more grateful. With Shishta we realised that how it’s okay to sometimes ask for help, even if you are an organization. 

Our journey with Rent N Flaunt has been of many ups and downs, but what keeps us glowing and going is the trust that you beautiful women show us, everyday! We are here because of you, and we couldn’t be more grateful for each one of you, and of course our precious bride Shishta!