With the poignant Kashmiri culture in heart, and a tactical mind, Vatsala started her own entrepreneurial journey by exploring the rich handicrafts of Kashmir. When you start your own journey be it professional or personal, you are bound to be greeted by many firsts and milestones. Vatsala became a RnFashionista on one such opportune occassion of one of many milestones of her entrepreneurial venture. She had planned a much deserved vacation, that’s when she decided to give Rent N Flaunt a chance. 

Loving the concept and service, she decided to use it again for Diwali and her best friend’s wedding for which she rented out some designer ethnic accessory. While browsing through our website she also decided to pick some handbags for her vacation, a convenient way to flaunt luxury without really possessing it was what she liked about us the most.

We love it when y’all give us a chance to be part of your mini as well as major celebrations of life. It’s such a humbling experience to witness the laughs, the joys, the complements and above all the beauty in y’all that radiates! As for Vatsala, she liked our style too, of helping all you gorgeous women flaunt yours, that too responsibly and guilt free. 😉