5 Ways To Become A Minimalist Fashionista!

By this moment, we are all very familiar with the theme of minimalist lifestyle indulging in the fashion world! The slow fashion states to bring in sustainability , smarter and healthier ways to live along, just right with style. It saves upon costs improving the consumer narrative as well, space and environment , as it speaks of the major principle of keeping it simple! Fashion Industries has picked up this very trend and embraced its beauty through custom upcycling, recycling of products making it affordable and designed at the same time! Influencers have brought in numerous culture and dressing acts on the same to thrive with. 

Minimalism teaches the real value of clothing without much of it. In a small range of shades and minimal amount of clothing for your closet to store , it flaunts its serenity! Stripping of the unnecessary, is what it’s called, it’s the styling right on comfort and posh for us!

Renewing selves as a minimalist is a great start not only if you adore fashion but also as a being in nature. It’s much more clean and simple yet enjoyable to start with. So as said, let’s stand out 7 exclusive ways to this simplistic stone right away!


We often have our wardrobes fully stuffed with endless clothing and bijouterie which is for a fact , needless as well. There are multiple sets of them we do not require on a total. And what should a minimalist do? They own less so cut out on it till you just keep ONLY the essential, trust us , you don’t need so much wear and neither does your closet to at least function well.


When we sit down to plan out our designs, whether it’s our clothing or household, we end up always going vast and huge on everything we tend to do,  isn’t it? What all of us need to understand is that there are tiny little details too that have more value in life. It can be de-junking the heavy and gaudy jewelled look and just switch to the light structure in a room allowing space as well as perfection! 


How lovely it is that we are so fond of matching sets of clothing for our various lively trends, literally! But did you think of the mix and match styling? It can be a go to for almost everything. Like, isn’t it incredible how you style your traditional saree into a different way of wearing, or maybe your lehenga’s beautiful skirt with a chic top to go with, or you can always put on your BF Jeans to couple up with your comfort clothing to step into the trend. What do you think?


Shopping sprees! Aah, it’s a wonderful wonder and we love it!! But stop right there , pause, you don’t need that much of them as an essential ,right? Save on spending so much money on unnecessary means which later lies to waste and eventually harms the ecosystem and the process of consumption towards excess. Try to be as mindful about what you possess, it will not only declutter your life but also thrive your inner contentment.


Renting helps you save on costings , affording the widest range of designers , excessive consumption , sustainability, allows you to enjoy every bit of trends, avoids wastage from storing and most importantly you do not own the products , hence this rental theme provides you with the fit of minimalism on all routes! 

With Rent N flaunt, you can easily subscribe to a monthly catalogue of your favorite designer accessories, you just gotta- RENT, STYLE, RETURN! Repeat this process than repeating your designer accessories!

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