Calling All The Bridesmaids To The Floor

With the wedding season singing its song to your ears, you and us have some massive amount of planning to do. Umm, to start with the dress until you find “the one” with the pair of exquisite shoes (very like Cinderella) , matched up with chic accessories and most importantly the event design of your dreams!!! But you DO NOT want to miss out on the ones that make your day bubblier than the bubly you so lovingly selected for the celebration! Ah, Bridesmaids ! They are the true gem and effort and everything , making sure your BIG DAY rises to the top one for the books of memory routes and mind. 

Finally let’s bring in some talk for our appreciation right now, shall we ? It’s usual that the theme of colour coordination and the twinning or many numbers-ning with similar coloring comes to our head the instant we speak about bridesmaids. Now do they want that as well? For all the modern day brides, we say let your bridesmaids decide the very answer to this. It indeed is the biggest day to you and their endeavour does count in for that! It should be a special day to them as well, the one they can picture years later with the very emotions of joy they feel on your day. Mix and match, let them choose which of the clothes comfort them the most , and then adoring them is natural! Make the rendezvous of dresses and choices much more lively and fun!

Bridesmaid couture is a real thing. They add the extra glam and the peppy vibe to the entire wedding!

Hear ye, brides! We know how important are the ones you choose as your bridesmaids to you, hence we say show that! Show that you value the very bond and send in care and affection with that! Now that can be the littlest thing that reminds you of how special they are indeed, or the sweet goodie that happens to hold a beautiful part of your relationship with them. We are sure they’ll love them!

Then the bachelorette parties with their zones arrive , whether it’s at a  destination with fascinating meals or cocktails with flavours from A-Z to taste , or can be a trip you all planned before but it never, ever happened back then, you cannot miss out on this. Make sure it stands as one helluva experience on the grounds of memories. (Basically you can make the dreams you thought of come true to their truest, rest is up to you!)

Next, if we think of Indian weddings with their range of custom and culture, we do know the beauty we capture for the albums during the ceremony from outside, but to state words for inside, with no doubt the struggle is REAL! We encounter sleepless nights , trying to list out our perfect attire for each day (different for each day in the everyday routine of eves, which is certainly where the fun part lies) , with a fix of accessories. Yes, accessories and jewellery is one big tension that needs sorting with the clarity that they would emerge your wears perfectly and happens to be a fit to the budget section as well!  And if by any chance, we mean by ANY CHANCE the ones you already own aren’t really going with your dressing for the eve or want to step into a new sense of fashion without much effort or even buying ( don’t say Oh Boy just yet),  RentnFlaunt is here to bring you with an endless choice of designer and chic , that glams up the fashion in you! Rent the ones you love , without the fear of crossing budget or high maintenance and go about your style !

But with all of that, we just want to say, Bridesmaids, typically y’all are “the one” we searched around our entire lives, thanks for making the existence of weddings , a living one! 

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