Sharing the load ft. Rent N Flaunt!

Fashion , styling and knitting the sense of design through wearings , rules the world. Everyday , there is yet another trend of designer positions and new clothing experiences walking around the town!

Eshita in Rent N Flaunt’s choker set for a wedding function.

Then arrives the Festive Season ,all about the gorgeous tales that sketch a moment of beauty, whether it’s the attire you step onto, the exceptional jewelled piece or the classic pochette you’ve been eyeing for a while!And during such enthusiastic celebrations, we find ourselves in our sister’s or mother’s room or closet ,going through a number of pearls and traditional ethnics.
Indeed this age of the internet has vast us apart from our very own , we do end up on numerous websites , searching for the perfect fit, leaving us to miss those early days of borrowing countless earrings . And isn’t India filled with occasions just around the corner??
That’s when you need to step up to Rent N Flaunt for an absolutely divine collection of the epic blend of western ways and the east culture!!Just like the old days of borrowing your favourites from your sibling for the occasion, celebrate any eve by renting some of the most charismatic accessories of all time .

But why Rent N Flaunt?!
I mean, why not? With a grand series of jewellery like never before, carved to perfection with a fusion of tradition across the globe, modernising the jewel style or maybe the authentic purse , polished to class and raising the standards higher for any others!!And who wouldn’t love to look drop dead gorgeous through the lense of fashion and its culture with a completely unique look to rise?
Moreover , by your subscription to Rent N Flaunt, you have no worries about maintaining your high-end designer accessories, you go completely eco-friendly and save on your budget as well, you have the option to choose from your favourite luxury brands and experiment with a style of your own creation, and you do not have to repeat the set you wore either!! And also a great way to lead the large isolation in the current crisis, in all safety.And not to forget its sustainable and healthy feature, impacting a very vital play for climate and you! From the pictured swarovski to handbags that hit the best , rent out the most creative celebrity designers!!!

To any other festival, sharing is the utmost preach, in our culture and tradition from the very beginning of India, always and forever!
Therefore, with its exclusive beneficial additions and convenience, Rent N Flaunt is the perfect match for your look and a go to substitute for sharing in the midst of any event that steps foot in the season !
And do you know the best part about Rent N Flaunt?
There’s no need to invest bigger amounts each time you buy something, just rent ,flaunt , and return! We aim to provide you with the classy in store, for the best time you spend attending them, whether a simple vacation, date , honeymoon , bestie’s big day or a grand supper!

Over numerous reports, fashion in the society has led to overconsumption of items and wastage to many for the immediate trends that everyone hops on, and vanishes with time. Rent N Flaunt is here to change this method of usage, by providing the game changing trendy designs to the fashionistas out there, offering the tool of renting them for a time period, causing neither waste nor any climate harming process.
This time , don’t borrow! Instead, rent and share with the one who allowed you endlessly to borrow! It’s time to share !
Click on the smartest, comfortable and healthiest choice in front! With Rent N Flaunt discover the show stealing style side of yours and rock the eve!

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