Do Diwali Sustainably with Rent N Flaunt!

Just as we cheer the gravity of all our beloved galas, Diwali sets it’s direction in with a bag full of surprises and the style to slay on street! DIWALI! It’s amazing how grand the festival feels with the twinkles of light and bright , prosperous gestures, sparkling fireworks, warmth of close ones, and most importantly revisiting past year’s affairs  and aiming to make the moments even more worthwhile and better as it lasts. Our gatherings and every Diya we lighten together shows how far we all have crossed the bridge of time, celebrating . 

And just like the festive mood always brings us  first to the idea of shopping and redesigning our closets with new features, We say don’t. This Diwali ,fascinate your time full of memories and beautify your Old yet Capturing attires that can never lose out on the high of style and class of fashion. Repurpose your favorites through every other traditional outfit and catch the evening with the right step on as a minimalist fashionista! 

This Diwali our esteemed and gorgeous customer Vanshika decided to take a step towards sustainable fashion by going the minimalist way. Being a new bride, she fancied looking her best but without spending a bomb or buying new clothes to set a look. What she did, left us all smitten. She repurposed her wedding outfits and mixed it with chic trends coupled with designer accessories from Rent N Flaunt. Her creativity made Diwali boom for her and the judiciousness won her appreciations!

Vanshika in her Cocktail outfit teamed with white shirt and gorgeous Choker set from RnF.

About that jewelled look, yes RentnFlaunt does have it covered for you like always. Never miss out on a chance to fragrant your flair with the finest bijouterie in town! Hence , this Diwali it’s all about the classics in rare to flavour your eve and dazzle brighter! 

Toast to the show! Tradition to the stage, with a designer choker threaded its creative with pearls, gems and stones , touching flora fitting right with the glam.

Vanshika teamed her Roka outfit with a chic flaired top and coupled it with Rent N Flaunt’s accessories.

On the other end stands, the chic and light of gold curved into the indo-western jewel theme to match up your coolest of simplistic looks! 

With that comes the day when you want something more festive yet with a blend of trendy to go with your mood and style  ,you know? Something that sets a completion for both grand and fine,  just like our statement stone set of necklace with a classic pair of earrings . 

A perfect plan for your fashioned Diwali! That too without the wastage of sources of production, costing and suits the environment as well. And without jamming out on your ” old is gold ” moments ! Therefore here’s the wardrobe friendly style , with the repurposing of your bests , pairing with the bests of RentnFlaunt to flaunt your way through Diwali and its bright! 

Must you have the fullest of Diwali and the perks of minimalism lifestyle through fashion and its sense of incredible! With our finest to yours , celebrate the festival of warmth and lights with RentnFlaunt! 

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