Exquisite Fancy of Karva Chauth in a minimalistic way!

Karva Chauth, the exquisite festive moment for the eve to celebrate marriage and the bond it holds. Traditionally ,the Hindu married women of India bring this ceremony under light with steps like fasting for their husband’s well being, the epic moonrise and most importantly their gorgeous looks on the day. It counts on incredible pieces of jewellery that define the heritage and the traditional wear with a cultural touch to cherish .
The entirety of this eve carries the significance and values of marriage in a very precious way , so bringing up your marriage moments and memories to a festival after years of your ceremony can be a perk to carry.
So how about your very own wedding attire , the one that brings back that same nostalgia, the one attire that shines brighter than any, that one that brings back the exact same pace in your heart like on the day! Beautiful right?!

(Vanshika styled her wedding lehenga and paird it with this gorgeous choker from Rent N Flaunt, the perfect twist to minimalistic lifestyle!)

As a part of RentnFlaunt always welcomes the thought of minimalism and cutting short of usage and owning yet being the delight in every other festive, we offer you the Grandest Collection in a Wedding Theme splashed across a range of absolute bijouterie and jewellery that sparks right with your wedding wearing.
Whether it’s the gorgeous lightened shade of lehenga or a heavy embroidered saree or even a rich tone for that matter, we have it all covered for you! Introducing a massive range of traditional values through Aesthetic pieing of grand gems , Kundan and the epic designs of Indian heritage and beauty! Just like the ones you chose for your wedding, but this time a new rental theme is coming to enhance the use of minimalism!

Pair these stunning jewels with your pre-owned cltothes this festive season, to slay in style while being in minimalist!As you wait for your shopping spree to start , give a thought to how heavenly alluring and charming you’ll look bringing the right nostalgic attire and the perfect jewellery set to walk with it. And yet again with renting from RentnFlaunt you save on heavy costing, taking utmost care, saving nature and at the same time , you own minimal items which leads to no wastage either.
This happening Karva Chauth, as the moon rises , look as beautiful as her in the best way possible!
Hence, there you go , we planned out the Karva Chauth in a way so that you can celebrate the eve as well as tribute your precious marriage with the perfection of nostalgia…it’s just how delicate you’ll look. Worth dying for!
Show us what all you rented for the best Karva Chauth has to offer and spice the look even better! RentnFlaunt has your back!

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