Tips To Ensure That You Are Stress-Free During Your Wedding Day!

When we scroll through various Pinterest and Instagram ideas for a wedding we create this fine picture of what our wedding day is going to look like, what our wedding outfit will be, the wedding jewellery, and the wedding theme. Everything is arranged in fine detail and pinned to the imaginary mood board. But what about when the day finally comes? When you are finally getting married and all the things that you had in your mind need to be ticked off? There are so many things to take care of that may somehow interfere with your very own preparations and seem overwhelming and stressful. But it’s your wedding and you gotta shine through it. 

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That is why we have brought you the top most tips that are going to help you lower your cortisol hormones and make you have the bride glow without any hassle.

  1. Set a wedding budget- this helps two ways, no last-minute worry about the cost and your bank account getting empty and quarrels about the very same thing because it was not planned and money is flowing out from everywhere. Sit down with your partner and decide what is your budget and the expected amount that you can keep for last-minute spikes. What is the amount that you are willing to put in for every category, your bridal jewellery sets, your bridal outfits, gifts for the guest, food, and venue? You end up not quarrelling on the money topic throughout the wedding process and everything feels more under your control and manageable once you do this.
  2. Get a wedding manager/coordinator:  a wedding planner is what we call it! Isn’t it? When you are all busy with your D-day getting dolled up like a graceful queen when you walk down the aisle. You don’t want to sweat off your makeup running around making sure is perfect. A wedding planner takes this stress swiftly from your shoulders as a responsibility. Now it might cross your thought that when budget planning, adding a wedding planner is gonna add up. Here’s an idea for you to consider, instead of buying that very costly wedding jewellery why not rent jewellery online and invest that amount in a wedding planner? 
  3. Beauty sleep: will always recommend having an 8-hour sleep for at least a month before D-day but everyone has a different schedule and a wedding is a huge load of work to do. Nevertheless, make sure that you get the beauty sleep the night before your D-day! You don’t want to end up looking or even having an ahint of exhaustion and baggy eyes. And the more tired you are more it will have a direct effect on your anxiety. 
  4. A tummy-full is a way to a happy bride:  I am not even trying to joke, this is so much important! When you have your stomach full you are happy, all things are easier for you and you are not irritated due to hunger. Make sure you have a very filling nutritious breakfast because you need it to keep you fueled throughout the day and snacking on fruits as you get ready is also a wonderful option. Just make sure you don’t consume something that might cause bloating or is too heavy and you might sit down with a food baby bump.
  5. Happy hormones add to the glow: everyone knows it and it is the universal truth. When you are happy, you glow from within. No doubt, you will be fueled with all the happy emotions, it is your wedding day but make sure you have the last hour of happy cheers and laughs with your bridesmaids and family, perhaps with a glass or two of bubbly champagne. You are gonna look so alluring and blushing after this!
  6. A bit of hop and flow to bye-bye the stress: the best way to kick off stress and anxiety is to have a little workout. Not suggesting you hit the gym and get a 2-hour workout in, but a bit of yoga flow or a small cardio workout will help to calm your mind and have more control over the day individually.
  7. Take time for yourself: a lot of married people say that no matter how big or small a wedding you end up having you don’t get to enjoy yourself completely, perhaps it is the truth, but that doesn’t say that you can’t take time out for yourself. A sheet mask or a good bubble bath and you are all set to have your part of the fun on your wedding
  8. Journal and meditate: jotting down your thought and feelings is a beautiful way to calm down and meditation and focusing on your breathwork will help to get more oxygen supplied to your body and calm your mind. Both together is a wonderful pair to calm yourself and be full of serenity and take a win on your wedding day!

You need to keep these on your checklist so that your wedding day is nothing less than a day of the party. And let all the eyes be on you, shining and glorious as you walk down the aisle and look enlightening!

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