Nath Designs To Take Inspiration From For This Wedding Season!

White Nath

When it comes to your bridal trousseau nothing should go amiss. Every element on its own, may it be your bridal dress or bridal jewellery should be dainty and elegant and when worn should make the bride look timeless and exquisite. And when it comes to Indian brides, there are certain things that no one can steal from us. Just like the nath, a symbol of an Indian married woman, worn to honour Devi Parvati, goddess of marriage. It’s a very special element of the bride’s wedding jewellery. 

The bridal market provides you with a variety of nath designs to choose from, and in various types. May it be gold, silver, diamond or meenakari, polki. You can always customise it to one’s taste and pair it with your bridal jewellery set to look like a royal queen when everyone’s eyes fall upon you, as you walk down the aisle.

Multicolor Nath
  1. A diamond nath : “a woman’s best friend is a diamond”, heard that somewhere? The diamonds are a regal piece in the bridal market that is perfect to pair with your jewellery set for your wedding no matter what your bridal look is, a simple diamond Nath makes you look elegant and beautiful and adds this soft touch to your wedding look.
  2. Kundan Nath: the Kundan jewellery designs are the most alluring of all, the work of glasswork embedded in gold is mesmerising and eye-catching. It adds a very royal, Rajput kind of vibe to your entire look and when paired with your bridal jewellery et whether in polki or Kundan, it adds a fine statement to your look.
  3. A gold nath: very traditional and very opulent gold nath is your way to go when you want to look like a classic Indian bride. A big, simple nath or a nath with lace, pearls or ghungroos. Every element adds a unique warmth to your entire wedding look while being a distinctive decorative piece to your bridal jewellery set.
  4. Meenakari laced Nath: for a dramatic nose ring, this is the top choice. Adding in the pop of colour while accentuating your eye makeup and adding a drop of charm to your wedding look. A nose ring in meenakari work is your way to have a dramatic, colourful wedding,
  5. Marathinath: another traditional wedding jewellery piece, carrying down the culture and rituals is the cashew-shaped Marathi Nath. You can find this nose ring in various jewellery designs, may it be diamond or a combined work of pearl, gold and colourful stones. Embracing the softness and natural glow of the bride, it’s worth having in your bridal jewellery collection.
Pearl Nath

Nose rings are a delight to have in your bridal jewellery set as are the other pieces, from your bridal choker set to earrings and all. But Bridal jewellery is no doubt, expensive and adding to that requires a good amount of aftercare. Keeping it safe, locking in the shine. 

What if we could have the wedding of our dreams, without building so much on the cost?

It’s possible, yes.

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