Every girl dreams of her own wedding ever since she was a kid, all the gifts, the eye-catching lehengas and you being the centre of attention throughout as you deserve to be. You must have made various hypothetical scenarios played in your head when you came across someone’s wedding (more like if a celebrity gets married) to become a bride, an Indian bride is something everyone wants to be.

Everyone has their style and taste which makes them more of themselves! You ponder over every bridal trousseau for a good amount of time, going back and forth over everything to make sure everything is perfect.

The only that makes your entire bridal trousseau sparkle atop is the jewellery that you put on. In the end, bridal jewellery can either break your look or wins you. To do that, you need to know what suits you best, what takes your look to another level.

Here are the top 7 bridal jewellery sets that give you the click you need to bloom up your look!

The Meena Kari look: ‘Meena’ means coloured lac and ‘Kari’ means craftsmanship it’s a must-have in a bride’s trousseau. The still-in-vogue jewellery set comes with its own set of elegance. Meena Kari has gold-plated bezels which are filled with enamel that are colourful. The motif designs consist of floral birds and all the dreamy creatures along with all the vibrant colours that you can think of. These days Meena Kari style is being mixed with Kundan or Polki style for a vivacious yet elegant bridal look. We are truly all in for such classy innovation that adds a little funk to the madness! If your vibe is of a palette full of colours and bright things, Meena Kari is your way to go. 

meenakari choker set

Evergreen Kundan: To give you the basic idea, Shilpa Shetty went all loaded on extravagant Kundan Jewellery, with uncut diamonds and emeralds at her wedding. It was also used by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Jodha Akhbar as well as at her wedding.  Kundan jewellery is made using mirrors that are filled in gold-plated bezels. The mirror work makes the overall jewellery shine the perfect amount.  It originated from Rajasthan craftsmanship and was later used in Mughal Jewellery making. And on top of that, the back side of Kundan is enamelled with different colours which makes it all more beautiful. Kundan jewellery is made using mirrors that are filled in gold-plated bezels. Because of its intrinsic work at the back side with lac which makes it all shinier and more reflective making it your best-suited option for fine wedding photographs highlighting you and you’re the whole look!

Polki jewellery: The most in-demand wedding jewellery ever! All the celebs wore a combination of this with other gemstones. Priyanka Chopra went with a full royal and chic Polki design. Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma, Alia Bhatt, and Katrina Kaif went Polki Jewellery integrated with gemstones. Everyone! Inspired by Mughal Jewellery, and famous in the courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. It is all about the complete package of royalty. You walk down the aisle with nothing but the elegance of a princess in these!

American diamonds:  The best friend of every girl and the modern-day choice!  what you must take into consideration if you want to look all chic and classy. many brides choose for a simple but elegant look, not too heavy, neither too off-putting American diamonds becomes available in various carats and cuts with all the shine and lustre and colour, it’s not easy not to consider these as one of your jewellery sets for the wedding! They add a tone of glamour and poise to the bridal outfit. Because of its various options in colours, you have all your freedom to match it with your lehenga or contrast them!  The perfect pair of modern bridal jewellery set for not only your Minimalistic and elegant wedding but a choice of glamour for your Engagement Day as well!  

American Diamond Jewellery

Precious Jewels: The ultimate royal feeling can be delivered by none other than a mix of precious jewels ranging from ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamonds, and pearls. Added in with Kundan and Polki work with a touch of meenakari you get to choose your most desired Jewellery set for your wedding! Pairing maharani haar with a bridal choker set and you are ready to look like the ‘Maharani’ you are! If you want it all to look dynamic and lively! You need no further to look for!

Maharaani Haar

Dewy Pearls: The Queen of all gems makes one of the most graceful jewellery sets. These white raindrops give you the classic look you never considered but surely need! Crafted underwater, you will keep staring at it once it catches your eye! If you want it simple and classy and are a classic white lover you don’t have to look further. This is your perfect match! You can get pearls sown in your blouse and pair them with matching ear studs and bangles and with a classic necklace it gives you your classy ‘Princess Diana’ feels bridal necklace set! You look all-natural and swan-like! Pearl along with meenakari craftsmanship is to die for. Whites complementing the colourful enamels of meenakari would put you in a trance-like state!

Temple Jewellery: From adorning idols and deities with detailed motif designs of gods, goddesses, lotuses, and swans, offered by royal families, especially in the southern part of India temple jewellery has come a long way from idols to dance jewellery to bridal jewellery. Gives you the aesthetically traditional, culturally exquisite chunky look! It’s all majestic and is believed to come along with good luck and prosperity!

Temple Jewellery

The wedding day is one of the most important days in the life of a woman! You want it all and you deserve it! You want everything to the minute details and perfect!! However, there is no ignoring the cost! You spend a good, hefty amount for the perfect piece of clothing which makes you come down to cost-cutting to the most immaculate puzzle. The jewellery! Bridal Jewellery is made extravagant for the big day making it very hard to use for day-to-day use and that leads to keeping them in the bank locker. Resulting in it is not a great mode of investment!

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