Minimalist Fashionista: Match Made In heaven!

With Rent N Flaunt, you get the flaunt the exquisite jwels without the guilt of overspending or slaying the planet.

Our style is that one blessing that enhances our step into fancy and surrounds all the walks over classic trends! Isn’t it so grand and warm that our clothing paints our imagination flattering and the jewel we escapade are the expressions itself? But all this fall flat when we see the impact of our style on our environment courtesy fast changing trends, the perils of fast fashion as they say! Fashion industry is one of the biggest polluter in modern age. This is where the conundrum starts, personal expression using fast fashion or the planet, what will a sensible person choose? This is where a minimalist come in the picture.
Let’s do some ‘minimalist’ talk’, shall we? Because why not, it’s the new hype!
So what are the pro’s, let’s see? Minimalism as a lifestyle persuades its adopter to indulge in mindful consumption. This restricts a fashionista from going for exaggerated hauls and retail therapy. When you put yourself on the path of minimalism, you learn to differentiate between your needs and wants. This in-turn makes you value every little thing you possess. The content that one feels by decluttering your mind palace and your home is unparralel. Minimalism is basically stripping yourself off unnecessary pursuits. In a global marketplace that wants you to consume more and more, minimalism says β€œHey! Have you ever thought about intentionally having less?” Less debt, less clutter, less stress, less stuff!

Rent these two bags and become a minimalist at just Rs. 2199/month.

Minimalism flirts with your lifestyle in a timeless quote and fusions all in , with a grace that no thick set of bijouterie can bring ! And wow the delicate and diminutive beauty!! But if your love language is expressing through fashion, then how do you become a minimalist? You cannot certainly be a fashionista, not in this present age at least, or is it? With the rise in awareness about the negative impact of fashion industry, fashionistas are choosing to be smarter than the current state of world. They are using upcycling, recycling, thrifting, renting as an alternative to buying. Their mindful consumption pattern will reduce over production and thereby reduce are reliability on Fast fashion. These fashionistas are changing the rules by being a minimalist yet trendy.

Rent this exquisite piece of jewel for your special occassion and be a sustainable fashionista!
Rent N Flaunt is on a mission to turn you into a minimalist without you realising it. You know what we mean? We offer our very own theme to you of minimalism. You do not have to buy or own anything, you can easily rent the biggest brands and still flaunt your trendings , and also look fab. Rental wardrobe is like a huge shared wardrobe that allows you to slay in style without slaying the planet. Oh, with Rent N Flaunt’s subscription plan, you can also repeat outfits without being called out by refreshing your look through accessories!From what we know about opinions , people love that kind of flair!
And to add more to the pleasure , you enlighten yourself to the sustainable development of living without spending a whole cost and bring the definition of rare you are! Every piece that claims the theme of minimalism writes a journal of its own!
It’s the ” highlight on fashion and trends that we bring to you ” for us!
And that’s not all to go for, you also have a choice of ranges around designers , to hop from one trend to another and diverse means of styling. Just Rent and Flaunt, as we say! And you protect the climate and save products on utilization instead of wastage! You go, all eco friendly this way too!! And most importantly, you claim the perfect match for modern minimalism. Don’t borrow the classics when you can rent your favorites and switch to another preference without owning, just like Rent n Flaunt.
So there you go , all the gorgeous Minimalist bijouterie and jewels you’ve been eyeing on the internet, all at one place through an eye of minimalism lifestyle!

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